Second Opinion

A specialized opinion can make all the difference!
  • Even in desperate conditions an independent  medical expert opinion can make the difference!
  • Medassistance: Bringing the best international specialist to your dear one’s bedside.
  • The Local care provider might not be the best option, don’t take the risk!. 
This service was developed for the families and close relative   that want  to be sure that the best medical treatment is provide. The intervention of  independent leader specialist can sometimes make the difference.

The patient medical file is first review (following receipt of relevant medical documents). The proper specialist is consulted in order to a first evaluation of the medical case.

All the medical disciplines are available, though primarily focus with Intensive care medicine, cardiology, surgery, traumatology, neurosurgery, invasive radiology and pediatrics.

If necessary, the specialist can be fly to the patient, after
meticulous examination of the patient and of the medical chart, Therapeutic recommendations will be Submitted to the treating team and family .The indication for medical transportation in a more specialize center can be considered.

Frequent patient’s location: Ex USSR countries (Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belorussia, Russia and more), Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Jordan, Egypt, Nigeria, Romany, Israel but also South America and China.

The sky is no longer the limit!!!