Medassistance Israel was founded in 1995 by Dr. Biderman Philippe MD. The company's first mission was to be an Agent of travelers companies and providing assistance services in Israel.

Medassistance is yet the exclusive medical agent for 2 of the biggest international travelers insurance companies treating more than a thousand assistance cases each year.
The air transportation activity was developed on the same time, and Medassistance, leaded by Medical Director and Manager Dr. Biderman Philippe, have a solid reputation in the field of medical air transportation including patients in critical conditions (sometimes even declared as ’’non transportable patients’’) as well as less critical patients. This service is given to the insurance companies but also to other private or public organization and to individual as well.

Dr. Biderman Philippe MD, Medical Director and Manager
Born in France, Specialist in Anesthesiology ,intensive care medicine. Qualified in Emergency medicine and Aerospace medicine. Director of the surgical cardio thoracic ICU in Rabin Medical center near Tel Aviv. More then 20 years experience in the fields of aerial transportation, Critical care medicine and Assistance medicine in Europe and Israel.



Blau Shiri, Office manager and Head of the Clinical research unit
Born in Israel, RN, OR nurse.
Extensive experience in the field of clinical research, assistance medicine and Aerial transportation.