Assistance Medicine

Medassistance is the exclusive medical agent for several travel insurance companies in Israel, including two of the nternational leader groups. This special field was learned first in Europe, allowing a high understanding of the travel insurance medicine needs and language, the service was then developed In Israel for the last 15 years. More than a Thousand cases are handled each year. 
  • Medassistance Israel: Because assistance is a serious Job that must handled only by the best specialists!
  • Medassistance: More than 20 years experience in the international Assistance field!!
  • Medassistance: There is always a solution!!

Example of services provided by Medassistance Israel
House call visits are organized 24/7 all over Israel with a network including hundreds of Doctors, A detailed medical report (including repatriation recommendation if necessary), is provided rapidly to the insurance company. The visit is monitored by a Medical Dispatcher 24/7 to guaranty security and efficiency.
Clinic consultations with GP and specialist (including dental cases) are organized in most Israeli's cities.
Case monitoring for patients admitted in the Hospitals. Case monitoring is provided ,making sure that the best care are provide and waiting for a repatriation window. If necessary Patients can be transferred in more appropriate medical centers.
Organization of medical repatriation, the repatriation can be organized by our services, We provide assistance for medical team coming to Israel ( Taxi ,Hotel reservation etc etc ). We are dealing with all the airlines companies and especially with El Al (Ticketing and Authorizations).
Cost containment, a vital service for the travel insurance companies ,as the hospitalization cost can be very expensive n Israel!!
Others services
  • Ambulance network
  • Taxi all over the Israeli territory
  • Body repatriation
  • Legal assistance
  • Vehicles technical assistance