Aerial Transportation

We transport patients all around the world, regional and worldwide medical flights!

Air Ambulance, Citation 2 and 3

  • ICU team with ICU specialist, ICU nurses or Paramedics.
  • Full ICU configuration.

A deep (an continuously  updated) understanding of the diseases  is leading to better risk  assessment of the aerial transportation. We believe that This is better achieved by hospital’s specialist  qualified in aerospace medicine!  Association of the best specialist together with modern medical equipment and solid  logistic (fly tickets, airline company authorization, quick visa process, ground ambulance...) is allowing Medassistance to provide the best  ‘’bed to bed ‘’transportation services, even in the most difficult cases!

Common destinations: Egypt, Western Europe, Turkey, Cyprus, Ex USSR (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belorussia and more).

Commercial flight

Sitting position or stretchers,extra seat, Oxygen.
Aerospace medicine trained medical team . All specialties: ICU, Anesthesiologist, Cardiologist, Trauma specialists, Pediatricians... Nurses and  Paramedics.
All transportable medical devices available.
Special agreement with airlines companies, obtention of medical clearence.

All destinations: Western Europe, Russia and ex Russian republics, US,Canada, south America, Australia, China, Thailand, Vietnam...

Special flights for special cases

Air transportation of critical care patients for Transplantation (ex Transportation with Intra aortic balloon pump or ventricle assist devices in air ambulance or commercial flights).

Medical equipment

Medical equipment available: Monitor Defibrillator (Life pack, Zoll, Philips).
Electric  syringes, Ventilators (I Vent).
Doctors Kit, ICU kit, Suction apparatus…
ACLS drugs, Oxygen, Intra Aortic Balloon Pump, ATLS devices…